The NCA was very lucky to have the Gary Zadina family reach out to us recently about a donation to the NCA scholarship fund for students participating in the GM ASEP program at Southeast Community College Milford Campus. Gary was a former member of NCA  and we're very happy to help continue the memory of Gary and his love of Vettes and classic cars.


NCA Scholarship Donation

In Memory of

Gary Zadina

December 23, 2015



To the Members of the Nebraska Corvette Association: 

Please accept this donation of money to 2015 ASEP General Motors Scholarship Fund on behalf of the Zadina family.  My father, Gary, was the proud owner of a Red 1965 Corvette Stingray that he babied since 1967.  The Corvette and classic car community has played an important part in our family over the years - from the car shows, parades, rallies to joy rides on Sundays – the memories will forever be remembered.  By the generosity of Gary’s friends and family we felt Gary would be proud to have his memorials be used by an organization that shared his passion for Corvettes.  We are happy to have these monies be used to help students further their love for automobiles and carry on these traditions.     


Steve Zadina and Family


Letter from the Carshow Chairman

Hello Fellow Corvette Owners,

On behalf of the Nebraska Corvette Association, we would like to welcome current members and first-timers to the "All Corvette Show" to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

The location is the beautiful West Gate Bank, 6003 Old Cheney Road. Registration is from 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and the show lasts until 2:30 p.m. All proceeds from this show will go to our two local charities – The Lincoln Food Bank and Child Advocacy Center.

You can pre-register your car by going to our website: The price is $20.00. Day of show price is $25.00. There will be 32 classes to match up with your particular car. If you would rather enter as a "display only" that is not a problem. 

The first 100 entries will receive a really cool T-shirt.

There will be raffles for a flat screen TV, bicycle and red C7 Corvette Power Wheel (really cool). Plus, many silent auction items, a 50/50 drawing, good food, great music and much more.

This will be the largest display of 1953-1962 Corvettes in the Midwest! We also plan to have the 1978 Corvette Pace car (with 5 actual miles) that was purchased at the Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction in Pierce, Nebraska. (Winning bid was $80,000).

So, register soon. Tell your Corvette friends and come to Lincoln on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Thank you so much! Hope to see you at the show!


Bill Zuspan

Nebraska Corvette Association

Show Chairman 2014

Letter From the Prez. 1/10/14

NCA Members –


In spite of how gloomy it was in Lincoln today, it was nice to see the snow and ice melting from our streets.  And, driveways and sidewalks too!  We have several important items to provide updates to you at this time.


January Meeting –

The first NCA meeting of the year was held this past Wednesday evening.  New NCA Secretary, Linda has done a great job generating the Meeting Minutes which are HERE.  It was a real nice turnout at the meeting in spite of how slick some of the roads were coming and going to the Elks Club.  Thanks to all of the members who assisted Jerry in setting up and putting away the tables and chairs!  We’ll have a call for volunteers for future meetings.  So, if you didn’t get to help this time, there likely will be 9 – 10 more opportunities this year.


Bowling Tournament –

Another “Don’t Miss” event -  THE bowling tournament of the year will be March 8.  There will likely be Prizes and perhaps even a heckling section.  The fun won't’ stop after the bowling either as there’s talk of a pizza party!  More details will be available in the near future.     


Geezer Get Away –

Several members had questions about the destination and timing for this year’s Geezer Get Away.  Due to the snow and ice, Grand Geezer Bud was unable to attend the January meeting and take questions in person.  The  Grand Geezer is reportedly formulating the plans including the destination and timing for this year’s Get Away.  Further details will be coming just as soon as the Grand Geezer gets the plans firmed.  And just like fine wine, there’s no rushing the Grand Geezer!


NCA Club Picnic and Golf Tournament –

We will be reviving several other events this summer including a Club Picnic and a Golf Tournament.  Committees will be required to organize the events.  Contact Bruce if you're interested in getting more involved.  Even if you are fairly new to the NCA, there are lots of opportunities to get more involved.  As the old adage goes “You will get more out of belonging to the NCA by putting more into it”. Well, that’s not exactly how it was worded originally, but it’s still accurate.


SORC Winter Party Tickets –

Bruce reports the tickets are going like hotcakes again this year and only a limited number of tickets remain.  Contact Bruce right away if you haven’t purchased your tickets.  The date for this year’s Winter Party is February 22 and you won’t want to miss the fun!


NCA Corvette Show –

WOW – speaking of Don’t Miss Events – Corvette Show Organizer Bill reports the date for this year’s show has been set for Sept. 21.  Bill has some rather ambitious plans to make this year’s show even bigger and better than last year’s.  What else would you expect from Bill???  Even though Bill was unable to attend the January meeting, he assures us that further updates will be forthcoming.

2014 Officer Nominations

The election meeting officers for 2014 will be held at the November meeting. At the October meeting nominations were made for those to be on the ballot. Nominations are still open. 

President Nomination Bruce Younglove

Vice President Nomination Mike McFarland

Secratary Nomination Linda Zimmerman

Treasurer Nomination Jim Martindale

Govenor Nomination Dale Zimmerman

Good Evening NCA Members & Guests: October 9, 2013

This is a “short message “on behalf of your Show Chairman, to say “Thanks for all of the

Great work that you did to make this year’s show a big success. There is no I in team and we were a

TEAM... .This year’s Show was successful because of the work done by the members!. ..Sunday was a beautiful day weather-wise and just perfect for everyone who attended. ( approx Law Enforcement

estimate at 3000-3500 people) I think people generally had a great time!

As you may know, we had approximately 260 Corvettes registered, an increase from 195 last year. We aiso had an increase in the total Gross Income compared to the last 4 years:

2009 $5,800

2010 $8 ,022

2011 $11,563

2012 $13,330

2013 $19,876 Net was over $13,000

We accomplished our goals of (1) Having a lot of Corvettes at Beautiful West Gate Bank, (2 ) met new people & talked with many Corvette Owners from different regions (3) Realized that we have had many Businesses that we call our Sponsors, give to the NCA very generously, (4) We were able to have as our guests, Scott Young from the Lincoln Food Bank and Lynn Ayres from the child

Advocacy Center to be there to see how great the response was to our All Corvette Show & what the club represents!

Cities Represented: 

Lincoln Staplehurst Nebraska Omaha Spring Hill, KS Papillion Elkhorn Beatrice Kansas City Springfield, Missouri Bennett Seward Malcom Iowa Bellevue Wood RiverGrand  Island Blue Springs, M0. Aurora Oakland Missouri Columbus Council Bluffs Walton Shawnee Mission, KS Kingsley, Iowa Blair South Dakota Shelton Concordia, KS Palmer Gladstone. Mo. Henderson Wamefio. KS Hastings Arlington Gretna Sioux Falls, South Dakota Hartington Roca Olathe, Ks. Bennington Clatonia Newman Grove Danton Wilbur Pleasant Dale Kearney Mead Guide Rock Mason City, NE Vermillion. Ks. Wahoo Eagle Newaka

54 Cities 5 States ( 40 Sponsors )

I really appreciated all of the help that many,many people gave to this year’s show. There is not enough time or space here to list those who went beyond the call of duty. I realize that in any Club, we have very busy lives. But those who had the time, took the time, really came through. I feel very good about What this Club does and what it is capable of doing. We need every member to feel important!

Thank you again very much for all you do and have done for The

Nebraska Corvette Association . . . . . .

p.s. I said this would be a brief message! ! ! !


Bill Zuspan

Show Chairman 2013


Info for the Big Show

NCA Members –


The NCA Corvette Show is just days away.  Have you checked the forecast for Sunday?  WOW - the weather simply couldn’t be any better for our fun event.  The high temp is forecasted to be 75 “nearly-perfect-for-Nebraska” degrees. 


Get Your Corvette Entered -

If you haven’t done so, there’s still time to get your Corvette out, wash off the dust and get it entered into the Show.  Preregistration is only $20 or; your can register the day of the show for $25.  Cheap!  You can chose to have your car judged or not.  Either way, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping raise money for two really great local charities.  And speaking of charities, if you haven’t donated door prizes or silent auction items, there’s still time to get them to Bill Zuspan.  Or, bring them to the show. 


Volunteer to Help -

A show of this size takes a lot of assistance to make it as good as it is.  If you don’t have a task for the show and wouldn’t mind helping out for an hour or two, we could use some help directing cars to the “non-judged” parking area.  Please show up shortly before 8am and find Bill Zuspan or Terry Wagner who will be riding on John Deere “Gators” (4-wheelers) and telling people where to go.  In a friendly sort of way. 


“Thanks for Coming” Committee -

After the show, we would love to have all members join in the “thanks for coming, please drive safely, come see us next year” committee.  We would like to give all of our non-members the friendliest sendoff they’ve ever had at the conclusion of a car show.  And, give them an extra reason to come back next year.  Join us immediately after the trophy presentation at the North exit of the parking lot.


After the Show, Old Chicago -

Linda and Dale Zimmerman don’t want the fun to end at the conclusion of the Show on Sunday.  They have made arrangements for a section of Old Chicago (South Pointe) to be reserved for NCA members.  Come on over to Old Chicago and join in the wrap-up discussions and have some more fun.  If you haven’t met many of your fellow members, this could be an ideal opportunity to make some new friends.  Thanks Linda and Dale for your thoughtfulness and for getting this organized! 


Walmart Show – Friday, Sept. 20 -

And if all of this is not enough excitement, Bill Z is looking for 20 cars for a quick exhibit at the SE Lincoln Walmart on Hiway #2 thisFriday, Sept. 20 from 5pm – 6:30pm.  This will be the last Walmart show of the year.  Walmart has been a consistent supporter of our show thanks in large part to all around good guy Ron Benson.  Walmart is promising to provide gourmet hot dogs and beverages for all who show their cars.  The Managers will be awarding a $50 gift certificate to the owner of their favorite car.  Please contact Bill Z if you can make it.


Support our Show.  Support our Club.  Support our Charities.  Thank you very much!

Soliciting Geezer Getaway Ideas

The following is from Grand Geezer Bud Wall.  If you aren’t familiar with the Geezer’s Grand Getaways, this is yet one more reason you need to come to the August NCA meeting.  You can likely count on Grand Geezer Bud discussing past Getaways.  All those who have gone on a Grand Getaway enthusiastically report they have had a fantastic time and all look forward to the next Grand Getaway. 

The objective of this mailing is twofold: 

   1.  The Geezers have been asked to make suggestions for the 2014 trip destination.  The older Geezers have probably forgotten where we have been and the newer Geezers have only heard rumors about past trips.  So, in order to pick a destination that is different from those in the past, the Summary should be helpful.  Make your suggestions known to me and I will pass them on to the Travel Committee.

  2.  The newer members of NCA may not be familiar with "Geezer's Grand Getaways" and the Summary may be helpful in that regard.  To clarify, age has nothing to do with participating in a Geezer Getaway, though most participants tend to be "older than middle age."  It is only by participating in a Geezer's Grand Getaway that the prestigious status of "Certified Geezer" is achieved.  Over 100 members of NCA qualify for this special status, though many choose to not advertise the is not our purpose to create envy among our younger NCA members.

Geezer Bud

aka:  The Head Geezer

ada:  The Grand Poop On



2003 – May 24-26: Memorial Day Weekend (3-day trip, with lodging at Hot Springs, 
S.D.) Random site seeing of the Black Hills area on Sunday. 12 cars and 23 people 
made the South Dakota trip. Original Travel Committee organizing this trip and all trips 
through 2009 were Martindales, Kuglers, Svobodas, and Walls. 
2004 – May 29-31: Memorial Day Weekend (3-day trip, with lodging in Greeley, CO) 
Random site seeing on Sunday including Estes Park. 9 cars, 18 people made the trip. We 
hooked up with the Greeley Corvette Club for an evening social. 
2004 – September 12: Geezer Reunion Picnic at the Struve home in Deshler with 9 cars 
and 18 people participating. 
2005 – May 28-30: Memorial Day Weekend (3-day trip with lodging Saturday night in 
Des Moines and at the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa, on Sunday night) 14 cars and 28 
people participated in the Iowa trip. On Saturday had breakfast at the Lied Center in 
Nebraska City, lunch in Creston, Iowa at the Windrow Restaurant, toured John Wayne’s 
birthplace in Winterset, dinner at the Mondo Restaurant in Des Moines. Sunday rode an 
historic train in Boone, stayed in the unique Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa. Monday drove 
the scenic route to Omaha. (Hotel Pattee is now under new ownership.) 
2005 – October 29-30: Fall 2-day trip. (11 cars, 20 people participated) Saturday drove 
York to Niobrara State Park. Lunch at Two Rivers Saloon, Hotel and Steakhouse in 
Niobrara. After touring the park drove scenic route (stopped at the dam) to Yankton; ate 
at Jo Dean’s Restaurant, lodging in Yankton. Sunday went to Ponca State Park, then 
scenic route through the Indian reservation via Highway 75 to Blair and then to Lincoln. 
This trip was not initially promoted as a Geezer Getaway but all the participants were in 
that category. 
2006 – May 27-29: Memorial Day Weekend (3-day trip) 8 cars, 16 people made the trip 
to Kansas. Saturday drove from York to Lindsborg, KS, for lunch, then toured the 
Cosmosphere Space Museum in Hutchinson, dinner and entertainment at the Prairie Rose 
Restaurant in Benton, overnight in El Dorado. Sunday scenic drive to Abilene; toured the 
Eisenhower Museum, lunch at the historic Kirby House, toured the magnificent Seelye 
Mansion; dinner and overnight in Manhattan; Monday scenic drive to Marysville for 
lunch, then back home to Lincoln. 
2007 – May 26 & 27: Memorial Day Weekend (2-day trip with lodging in Thedford 
Saturday night) 12 cars, 24 people participated in the Nebraska trip. Stops included the 
Country Neighbor Restaurant and Fort Hartsuff near Elyria and Uncle Buck’s Lodge in 
Brewster. At Mullen, tank ride down the Middle Loup River. Scenic route from Mullen, 
through Tryon and Arnold, en route home. 
2008 – May 24-26: Memorial Day Weekend (3-day trip with lodging at The Elms Resort 
& Spa Friday and Saturday nights in Excelsior Springs, MO. 18 cars, 36 people 
participated. Fantastic customer service and everyone stayed on the 5th floor which had 
its own continental breakfast and complimentary happy hour. Route went through 
Marysville, Hiawatha and Atchison. Random site seeing on Sunday. (The Elms has since 
come under new ownership and has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation.) 
2008 – November 1-2: A spur-of-the-moment trip to the “Middle of Nowhere” 
(Ainsworth, NE) with 5 cars and ten people participating. Watched the Nebraska football 
game at the motel, met with some hunters using falcons, drove the SORC race route. 
2009 – June 4-7: Four-day trip the weekend after Memorial Day to Pueblo, CO. Stayed 
at the downtown Marriott and attended the Annual Boats-Blues-BBQ Festival and toured 
several sites around Pueblo, Colorado City and Colorado Springs. Highlight was a social 
at the Schneberger’s home. 20 cars and 40 people attended this trip. Some members of 
the Pueblo Corvette Club joined us at the social. 
2010 – May 29-31: Memorial Day Weekend. 3-day trip to Cheyenne, WY. 15 cars and 
30 people made the trip with some staying at the Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and 
Breakfast and some staying at the historic Plains Hotel. Saturday had a coffee stop at the 
Coffee Cottage in Lexington, lunch on Front Street in Ogallala, a stop in Sidney at 
Cabela’s and drive by at the Cabela Mansion downtown. Sunday site seeing included the 
Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, train depot and driving some scenic roads. Some 
people opted to take the Poudre River Canyon drive to Steamboat Springs on Monday 
and return home on Tuesday. (Trip organized by Rick and Laura Williams.) 
2011 – June 3-6: Weekend after Memorial Day. 20 cars and 40 people participated. 
Four-day trip to Illinois with travel days Saturday and Tuesday, site seeing Sunday and 
Monday. Lodging on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights was at an Irish motel in 
Galena, IL. In addition to site seeing in the area, our members joined up with members 
from the Key City Corvette Club of Dubuque, IA for a scenic drive and lunch at a neat 
restaurant by the Mississippi River. (Trip organized by Bob and Chris McCollough.) 
2012 – June 1 & 2: 15 cars and 30 people participated. Two day trip to South Dakota 
and Crofton, NE. Friday had lunch at Bev’s on the River in Sioux City, visited Jerry’s 
Chevrolet Corvette Center in Beresford, SD, lodging and dinner at the historic Argo 
Hotel in Crofton, NE. Saturday breakfast at the Argo Hotel, visited the Antique Mall in 
Crofton, toured Gavins Point Dam area, lunch at Yesterday’s in Yankton, toured the 
Cramer Kenyon Heritage House in Yankton, evening meal in Norfolk. (Trip organized 
by Jim and Linda Martindale.) 
2013 – June 6-9: Springfield, Illinois. 25 cars and 50 people participated. Four-day trip 
included a brief stop in Hannibal, Missouri (Mark Twain country), with the base 
destination being The Hilton Hotel in downtown Springfield, IL (Abraham Lincoln and 
Route 66 country). Tour stops included New Salem Historic Village, The Lincoln 
Presidential Museum, Lincoln Library, The Lincoln Home, Lincoln’s Tomb and Oak Ridge Cemetery, The Dana-Thomas House, etc. Some participants also traveled to 
Decatur, IL, to tour the Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum. 13 cars also stopped at a 
retirement home in Springfield to interact with the residents and it was obvious that really 
old Geezers love Corvettes, too. (Trip organized by Jim and Linda Martindale and Bud 
and Luana Wall.) 
2014: ??????


Duteau Tech Session

Duteau Chevrolet invited the club over for a tech session where about 37 members were able to observe an oil change and ask every question under the sun of Corvette Specialst Chris Garner. Duteau Sales Manager Jason Otto greeted us with sandwiches, chips, cookies, and pop and introduced us to Chris. Chris walked us through an oil change on Bruce's C-6 then lifted it to full height so we could all get underneath and take a look around. Chris proved very knowledgable in answering all our questions about any Corvette. He also gave us some things to look for on our cars as they age and some tips to keep ours cars running smoothly. There were also 2 tables of old Corvette parts that Chris challenged us to identify and with a little team work from the group I think we got them all. A couple pictures from the day are on our Club Photos page.

From the President

NCA Members,

I couldn't send out a message until the snow melted off my lawn.  Well, the last of it just did so here goes.  If it makes any of you feel better, the schools were closed in Minnesota because  15 in. of snow fell yesterday.  We have it better off than they do.

A couple of events in the next few days you may want to attend:

Walmart car show on Friday, 5-8 pm -   South Walmart located at 8700 Andematt Dr. Walmart is one of our sponsors for the car show and donated a bike last year.  Hope the weather will be ok for that.  Also an opportunity for Bill Z. to pick up some new clothes for his Summer wardrobe.

Brunch on Sunday in Milligan - Meet at Southwest High School parking lot at 9:45 AM to caravan to Evening with Friends Restaurant in Milligan. The Spring Brunch is always a fun trip and a couple of out of town Corvette Clubs will be joining us.  Sounds like fun to me. Sun. May 5th.

NCA monthly meeting at the Elk's Lodge on May 8th - Come early around 6 pm to dine with other NCA members.  The Elk's special will be Tacos, Nachos or chicken salad.  Also, to help celebrate Cinco De Mayo, they will feature $2. margaritas.  The cost is just $6. and that includes tax & tip. Thirty five members dined before the meeting last week lots of compliments on the good food were heard.  The meeting will start at 7:30 pm sharp.  Directions to all events are posted on the events page of our NCA website.

May 8 is also NCA's 46th birthday so you don't want to miss this meeting. Let's celebrate!

Let's have some fun and do some good along the way.

Bruce Younglove, Pres.
Nebraska Corvette Association

Upcoming Brunch

NCA Members, Next Sunday, May 5, is our annual Sunday Brunch at Evening with Friends in Milligan. We will meet at the Southwest High School parking lot (14th and Pine Lake). We will depart at 10:15 sharp for the caravan to Milligan so don't be late. Terry Wagner with lead the caravan in his Grand Sport. Doors open at the restaurant at 11:30 and the brunch cost is approximately $12.00 per person. Gratuity is not included in that price. We have have invited Corvette members from the Grand Island and Kearney clubs to join us. Please introduce yourself to these folks if you have not met them before or renew old friendships if you have met them. They always support our car show with their attendance and it is nice to have a good rapport with them. Since we all have Corvettes in common, it is never hard to strike up a conversation! Let's make our guests feel welcome. See you all next Sunday morning. Jim & Linda Martindale

NEWS FLASH, NEWS FLASH - Bud Wall just informed me that Sunday, May 5, is the 46th anniversary of the Nebraska Corvette Association. Come and celebrate in Milligan with us.

From the President

Hello NCA Members,

NCA did do a lot of good this past weekend.  We had eleven cars show up for the Colton Prince Benefit fundraiser at the Gretna Legion on Sat.  Kudos to those brave souls that did because the weather was cold and windy.  But, I think all had fun getting their Corvettes back out on the road and knowing that the car show with about 30 cars raised over $1000. to help the Prince family with medical expenses. 

Sunday was a better day weatherwise for our Adopt A Highway clean up on N Hwy 77.  It didn't take long because 34 NCA members showed up with their grubs and gloves on ready for work.  The Nebraska Corvette Association clean up site is as "Clean as a Whistle".  Thanks to all that helped.

Reminder:  Don't forget our NCA Social is this coming Wed.  Meet at Shoemaker's on Hwy 6 and 48th at 6 pm to caravan to Keller's in Pleasantdale.  It's time to dust off your Corvette and get it out for the season.

Spring has Sprung!  It's official!

Colton Benefit Car Show

NCA had a great turnout to the Colton Benefit Car Show, a group of 10 members met  at U-Stop  ( 84th & Highway 6 )  at 11:30 and left for Gretna for the Gretna Cancer Benefit Show. Our route took us to I 80 and drove in a Caravan to Gretna.  The Group actually drove the Speed Limit and  had a very cool trip to Gretna.  When we arrived,  John & Darla Lanz were waiting.  They were camping at Mahoney State Park.  Other members who made the trip were: Bruce Younglove, Mike McFarland, Terry Wagner, Bill Zuspan, Ed Garrett, Arlyn Uhrmacher, Bill Terry, Dave Lovercheck, Mike Durnal, Jeff & Robin Kuhlmann, The trip was enjoyed by all and well worth the time spent for the Benefit.   Another positive aspect of being there was the opportunity to meet and talk with the President of the Cornhusker Corvette Club(Kevin) as well as some very friendly members who were also there.  Bruce talked with the President about Possible having a joint social so we can all get to know  members of the Cornhusker Corvette Club, and to build a good relationship. Bruce & Kevin had their picture taken together. Show Pictures
Field Correspondent Kathy Z, reporting



April Meeting News

April 11 was the date of our first meeting at a new location for our monthly Nebraska Corvette Association. We gathered at the Elks Club at 7:30 for the start of the meeting.  Prior to that, members had the option to have a delicious dinner with either a sloppy joe & potato salad & chips or a fresh garden salad with chicken over the top.  Both were very good and around 35 people ate there before the meeting.  Only $6.00 66 Members were present and many items of business were discussed.  We adjourned at 8:40 and all walked out to an inch of snow covering our cars. All in all, a very fun evening enjoyed by all. Ironically enough, the only person who drove his Corvette to the meeting was a new member.


March and April Meeting Info

Hello NCA Members:

Just a reminder that our regularly scheduled monthly meeting has been changed from the second Wed. of the month to the third Wed. of March.  That date will be March 20th at the AAA Blg. at 29th & 0 St.  We changed the meeting date to accomodate Mr. Wendell Strode, National Corvette Museum Director of Bowling Green, KY.  Mr. Strode will be attending our meeting to give us an update on what's going on at the museum and to meet our NCA members while in town for a National Museum Director's conference.

If you want to be assured of a place to sit, you may want to bring a folding chair along.  I expect a big crowd to hear what Wendell has to say.  Let's give him a big NCA welcome by packing the joint.

Our business meeting will be abreviated to make time for his talk.

Also, the March meeting will be the last time for the AAA Blg.  Our club voted to move our regular meetings to the Elk's Lodge.  Our first meeting there will on April 10th at 7:30 PM.  The Elk's Lodge is located at 5910 South 58th, by 56th & Old Cheney just behind the Skeeter Barnes Restaurant.

Hope to see all of you at both meetings.

Bruce Younglove, Pres.
Nebraska Corvette Association

Letter from the President

Hello NCA Members,

A lot went on at our NCA Meeting last Wed.  This note is to update you on a few important decisions our club has made.

Our members voted to move our regular meeting location from AAA to the Elk's Club.  Our first meeting at the Elks will be on April 10th.  The Elk's Lodge is located at 5910 S 58th, just behind the Skeeter Barnes restaurant by 56th and Old Cheney. They have a resturant that serves sandwichs, burgers, chili, etc. along with a bar should you want a cocktail or a beer.  Thanks go to Jerry Wilson for helping us secure our new meeting room.

Date change for our March meeting at AAA to March 20th.  The reason for that is we will have a special guest speak to us.  Wendell Strode, Curator of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY will be attending to give us an update on the NCM.  Wendell will be in town for a Museum Mgrs. Convention at Speedway and contacted our trusty NCM Ambassador, Tom Svoboda to ask if he could join us at our meeting.  Mark your calendars to attend this special event.  I suggest you bring a extra chair to be sure we have enough seating.  We have been filling up all our seats the past few meetings and I expect a big crowd to hear what Wendell has to say.  Thanks to Tom for lining that up.

The 40th Annual Rocky Manginelli Memorial Swap Meet is coming up fast. Kerry Fox still needs a little more help from our members to fill out his work crew.  This is very important to our club because we get paid for our work at the meet.  We generally use the money to fund our scholarships.  So, if you can help out, email Kerry.

Grand Geezer Bud says the Geezer trip is sold out!  Wow, that went quick but if you want to get on a waiting list just shoot Bud an email. Someone may cancel or maybe forget they signed up.  I can't wait to get old enough to go on a Geezer Trip.

Adopt a Highway clean up day is April 21st.  Trashmaster Jerry McGee is asking for volunteers to help clean our section of highway 77 just south of Davey.  It is just a mile long and doesn't take long if enough help shows up.  Meet at 2 pm at Walker Tire.  Walker is on the SE corner of the I-80 and HWY 77N. Treats for all that help at Culver's on N 27th after the work is done.

Our NCA Social info for Feb. 27th.  We are going to meet at Big Red Keno on West O St.  The address is: 955 W O St.  Big Red is one of our car show sponsors so this will be a way to show some support from our club.  It is a fun sports bar with good food and cold beer. Rick Otto was checking on a place where La Paloma used to be but it is closed.  I forgot the name of the joint. (Maybe I am old enough to be a Geezer)

Let's have fun and do some good along the way.

Geezer Grand Getaway Update

The Eleventh Annual Geezer's Grand Getaway-2013 is SOLD OUT!  The Travel 
Committee thanks everyone for their interest in participating in this 
trip to Mark Twain/Abraham Lincoln country.  Final details are being 
firmed up and participants will be getting additional information as we 
get closer to June 6-9.

  There is always the possibility of cancellations, so:

     1.  If you would like to put your name on a waiting list to replace 
a cancellation, please contact Linda Martindale 

     2.  If you are already registered and have to cancel, please let 
Linda Martindale know of your cancellation so that she can contact 
people on the waiting list to make reservations.

      3.  If you are a new member or an old member that has not been 
paying attention and wonder what the heck a "Geezer's Grand Getaway" is, 
contact Bud Wall and he will try to remember to send 
you some information assuming he can find it.

Save the Wave!

The Travel Committee

Letter from the President

Hello NCA Members,

Our Corvettes are tucked away under the blankets but still lots to talk about during the Winter.  By now, I'm sure everyone has had a good look at the C-7.  I like it, a lot.  I am anxious to see one up close and I'm sure Gayle will be bugging me to buy one as soon as they come available at the dealers.  There are a lot of emails flying around the internet about the car.  The best sites I've seen on the C-7 are the Corvette Museum, the Corvette Forum and LG Motorsports of Texas.  Check them out to learn more. Tom Svoboda, our NCM Liason tells me the C-7 color chart can be seen here.

NCA Social -  The date is set for Wed, January 23rd at Lee's Chicken. We picked Lee's for a few good reasons -  They have very good food, they are conveniently located at 1940 W Van Dorn, (not that far from my house) plus, they have plenty of room and good service.  Also, we will be checking out the back room to see if it would be suitable for holding our regularly scheduled NCA meetings.  Jan Wilcoxin, owner has offered the room to hold our meetings at no cost and no obligation for food or drink.  The room seats 100 plus.  Those that have attended the last two meetings at AAA may have noticed we ran out of chairs.  Our club is growing and our meeting room  is becoming too small to handle us.  Plus, another reason we may consider moving is the fact that the neighborhood surrounding AAA has seen a rise in crime in the past few years.  Marilyn Muir, Mgr. at AAA was mugged a couple years back and suffered a broken arm and the loss of her purse. We will be looking at other possibilities to meet but check out Lee's at the upcoming social with your NCA friends on Jan. 23rd.  The social is scheduled to start at 6:30 pm  Hope to see you all there.

NCA Car Show -  Mark your calendars for Sept. 22, 2013 for the big show.  Bill Zuspan, Car Show Chairman tells me they are going for 200 Corvettes. It will be tough to top last year's show but if anyone can, it's Bill and his crew.  An ad for the show will be in the Car Council Book coming out soon.

Bud Wall, NCA Grand Geezer tells me that the signup for the Geezer trip to Hannibal is very brisk.  If you want to join in on the Geezer trip, better sign up soon.  Email Bud with questions.

Rocky Manginelli Swap Meet, March 3rd -  This is a big money maker for our club.  Lancaster Center is the place and call or email Kerry Fox if you can help at the event.  

NCA is still looking for someone to do a newsletter so if you have the talent, the time and the will to do so, please contact me and you can have the job.  There is a tremendous amount of power writing a newsletter.  I did it for several years and had a lot of fun making fun of my fellow members.

Hope everyone can make the social at Lee's.

See ya soon,
Bruce Younglove, Pres.
Nebraska Corvette Association.


Tips on How To Get a Rear License Plate

This is the process to order a single license plate that
is displayed on the back of your car.  No front plate required!

Two methods:

1.  If you want to keep your current personalized message.
2.  If you want a new, different message.

First some good news!  If you were currently getting a personalized or
message plate, it costs only $10 more to have the single plate and you lose
the "Bird and Weed" background.  I would have paid $10 just to get that
background off the plate.  The standard (2) message plate is $40. The
Special Interest  (single rear) plate is $50 for the personalized plate or
the standard numeric plate.  You might as well get the personalized message

The procedure:

1. If you want to keep your current personalized message on your car :  You
can not apply on line on the DMV web site because you will get the response
that the message is "Unavailable"  You will have to fill out and mail a
paper application stating that you currently have the message.  The form
is available at* .* If this
link does not work go the Google search, type in Nebraska Department of
Motor Vehicles, Go to the web site, click on forms on the top left side,
then click on "specialty plate application."  I will bring some forms to
the next NCA business meeting.

2,  If you want a new message:  Go the the DMV web site at  If this link does not work,
do the process above but click in the middle column on the second item on
the list "Order Personalized Plates"  You will go through the process to
see if your desired message is available.  If it is available, you can
order it online via credit card.

If it is a new personalized plate you will get a confirmation email about
the message.
Under either procedure you will get a confirmation letter that you present
to your county treasurer as authorization for the release of your plate.
-The letter will provide a date when your plate is expected to be ready
for pick up.
-The letter will provide a telephone number to call to confirm
that your plate is available and provide you with information about the
additional fees that will be required when you register your vehicle.
First issuance requires that current plates and registration be surrendered
and that you provide proof of insurance. If you pick up your new plate in
a month other than the month the vehicle's current registration expires,
the specialty plate renewal fee will be required when the vehicle's
original registration is due.