Geezer Grand Getaway Update

The Eleventh Annual Geezer's Grand Getaway-2013 is SOLD OUT!  The Travel 
Committee thanks everyone for their interest in participating in this 
trip to Mark Twain/Abraham Lincoln country.  Final details are being 
firmed up and participants will be getting additional information as we 
get closer to June 6-9.

  There is always the possibility of cancellations, so:

     1.  If you would like to put your name on a waiting list to replace 
a cancellation, please contact Linda Martindale 

     2.  If you are already registered and have to cancel, please let 
Linda Martindale know of your cancellation so that she can contact 
people on the waiting list to make reservations.

      3.  If you are a new member or an old member that has not been 
paying attention and wonder what the heck a "Geezer's Grand Getaway" is, 
contact Bud Wall and he will try to remember to send 
you some information assuming he can find it.

Save the Wave!

The Travel Committee