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Geezer Grand Getaway 6/6/19-6/9/19

NCA Social 5/22/19

54 members enjoyed Round the Bend Steakhouse with Lorene, Tom, Elaine, and Kathy winning prize drawings.

April Social 4/24/19

34 members enjoyed the good times and good food at Bailey’s, with Pam F., Bob M., Rick O., and Rich F. winning the drawing

March Social 3/27/19

36 members attended the social at Red Fox Restaurant.  Drawing winners were Rich F, Luana W, Kent P, and  Cate V. 

NCA Social 2/27/19

15 members maid it out to the Fox Bar and Grill.


NCA in Arizona 2/26/19

January Social at Big Red Restaurant 1/23/19

31 members enjoyed good food, drink and friends and the 4 lucky winners of $10 Big Red gift cards were Ron, Laura, John, and Tina