Tips on How To Get a Rear License Plate

This is the process to order a single license plate that
is displayed on the back of your car.  No front plate required!

Two methods:

1.  If you want to keep your current personalized message.
2.  If you want a new, different message.

First some good news!  If you were currently getting a personalized or
message plate, it costs only $10 more to have the single plate and you lose
the "Bird and Weed" background.  I would have paid $10 just to get that
background off the plate.  The standard (2) message plate is $40. The
Special Interest  (single rear) plate is $50 for the personalized plate or
the standard numeric plate.  You might as well get the personalized message

The procedure:

1. If you want to keep your current personalized message on your car :  You
can not apply on line on the DMV web site because you will get the response
that the message is "Unavailable"  You will have to fill out and mail a
paper application stating that you currently have the message.  The form
is available at* .* If this
link does not work go the Google search, type in Nebraska Department of
Motor Vehicles, Go to the web site, click on forms on the top left side,
then click on "specialty plate application."  I will bring some forms to
the next NCA business meeting.

2,  If you want a new message:  Go the the DMV web site at  If this link does not work,
do the process above but click in the middle column on the second item on
the list "Order Personalized Plates"  You will go through the process to
see if your desired message is available.  If it is available, you can
order it online via credit card.

If it is a new personalized plate you will get a confirmation email about
the message.
Under either procedure you will get a confirmation letter that you present
to your county treasurer as authorization for the release of your plate.
-The letter will provide a date when your plate is expected to be ready
for pick up.
-The letter will provide a telephone number to call to confirm
that your plate is available and provide you with information about the
additional fees that will be required when you register your vehicle.
First issuance requires that current plates and registration be surrendered
and that you provide proof of insurance. If you pick up your new plate in
a month other than the month the vehicle's current registration expires,
the specialty plate renewal fee will be required when the vehicle's
original registration is due.