Ambassador News 8/29/13

NCM Ambassador Advocate
August 29, 2013
What's in Your Museum
2011 C6 Cyber Gray Grand Sport Convertible "Mule"
This mule was first spotted in September 2011.  It was caught by spy photographers early on, as quick eyes recognized that the spacing in thewheel well was not quite right. 
Did you know......Mules are when an automaker takes a current vehicle and puts in the Powertrain, Suspension, Electronics and other parts from the model being developed. This allows them to drive around and test the car without the public realizing what it is. The body remains unchanged, it's what's underneath that is different.  Previous mules have included station wagons, Camaros and previous generation Corvettes. A mule allows GM to test specifics on the car, but does not accurately test suspension or handling.  This Corvette is on loan to the NCM from GM.
Meet Your NCM Team
Stephanie Morrill, Membership Services Manager
It's in the blood- Corvettes that is. My first few years were spent in Louisville, riding in the back of a '73 Corvette till Dad decided he would rather have a souped up '72 Nova.  And even at 3 years old, I knew this was a bad decision on his part as Mom swears I didn't speak to him for a week over it.
We moved to Danville, Kentucky when I was four.  And Dad finally wised up again and when I was 13, and from that point on, we always had at least one Corvette if not two or three.  He purchased a '69 Convertible that needed some TLC which was to be our "project car" and my first car.  Unfortunately, it needed too much work so my first Corvette became a '81 red with red interior. Then a red 1990 Convertible and now a 2007 Silver Convertible.
When it came time to chosing a college, I jokingly say that I chose Western Kentucky University because it was home of the Corvette and, and the furthest college from home I could attend and still have in state tuition.  While finishing up my BS in Business Education, I began working for the Corvette Club of America, which then led me to the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau's tourist information booth at the NCM.  It was amazing to begin working there the same weekend as the Grand Opening.  
I officially became a part of the NCM team in April of 1997 and it is still one of my greatest days to remember! Other than my Corvette family, my greatest joy is my daughter, Madison, who has been traveling to Corvette shows since she was five weeks old (start them young) and my wonderful parents (who own a 90 ZR-1) and sister (who owns a 2006 Coupe).
I encourage you to call me at 270-467-8837 or email me with any questions or any ideas you might have.
What's Coming Up at the NCM
September 14 - Brazos River Corvette Club Visit
September 17 - 18 - Sioux Falls Corvette Club Visit
September 21 - Two Wheel Speed Motorcycle exhibit opens in                                  NCM Exhibit Hall
October 7 - Corvette Club of Vermont Club Visit
October 7 - Speed, Style and Performance Club Visit
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This Week In NCM  History

September 2, 1994

The Grand Opening of The National Corvette Museum occurs.  

The crowd was so large, that the NCM stayed open 24 hours to accommodate all the guests. 

Raffle Tickets

Here's your chance..... to sell the winning ticket for a 2014 Stingray! The next consignment raffle will be a 2014 Torch Red Coupe, given away January 30, 2014.
If you would like tickets for the next raffle, please send me an email and we will be happy to get them out to you.  Tickets are available in groups of 25.

Membership Manager Stephanie Morrill
270-467-8837 | 270-781-7973 x137