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NCM Ambassador Advocate
August 15, 2013
What's In Your Museum
1995 Last ZR-1
April 28, 1995 brought an end to an era. The last ZR-1 to be produced rolled off the assembly line with hundreds of ZR-1 owners from around the country gathering in Bowling Green to witness the ceremonious event.
After final assembly, #448 with Chevy General Manager Jim Perkins at the wheel and Chief Engineer Dave McLellan co-piloting, led a parade of ZR-1s to its new home, the National Corvette Museum. The ZR-1 was one of the few cars in the world that could run more than 175 mph right off the showroom floor, but this performance did not come cheap.
Every part on this ZR-1 has been autographed by Assembly Plant workers as it was being assembled.
Meet Your NCM Team
Sally Heil, Customer Care Representative - Corvette Store
Hello! As they like to say in Bowling Green, I'm "not from around here." I grew up in Frankfort, Kentucky right up the street from the State Capitol building.  The Capitol grounds were my playground and I knew where every candy dish on every state worker's desk could be found. I was one of 78 students in my graduating class from Frankfort High School. So, I was raised a small town girl.
After graduating with a degree in Business from Murray State University here in Kentucky, I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana-the Big Easy. If you love good food, good music and a good parade, that's the place to live! Next I was off to Georgia for several years before I chose to settle down in central Kentucky to raise my family. I have two wonderful kids, Jay who wed his lovely Niki in June, and Katie, both grown and living in Georgia. And then there's the mischievous light of my life, my 4 year old grandson Maddox.
I moved to Bowling Green in 2010 after falling for a car guy - Mr Nick Heil. Along with Nick, I now have a stepson N.J., a stepdaughter Amy and her husband Sean - my blessings multiplied!  In 2011, I was hired as the Customer Care Representative for the Corvette Store.  And although Nick works for Ford, he loves the idea that I can quote Corvette stats to him and tell the difference between a C3 and C6 two cars back in the rear view mirror. In my professional history, I've worked in Geriatric Rehab, for Literacy Non Profits and in Insurance Recovery. I may not have always held the title of Customer Service but I've been a problem solver all my life and that's what good Customer Service is all about. I always like to tell my customers that if they need anything, I'm the only Sally in the Store. Give me a call!
To contact Sally, email her at or by calling 270-467-8834.
What's Coming Up at the NCM
August 21 - 25 - Show-Me-Vettes Club Visit
August 29 - 31 - 19th Annual Corvette Celebration
August 30 - Ambassador Meeting and Luncheon 11:30am. 
August 31 at 3:30pm - Raffle of Last 2013 60th Anniversary                                                   Coupe. Tickets are $10, unlimited raffle.
September 14 - Brazos River Corvette Club Visit
September 17 - 18 - Sioux Falls Corvette Club Visit
September 21 - Two Wheel Speed Motorcycle exhibit opens in                                  NCM Exhibit Hall
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This Week In Automotive  History

August 11, 1973 

The movie, "American Graffiti" is released.

~History Channel

Raffle Tickets

Last call for all raffle tickets to be returned for the Labor Day drawing.
Tickets can be sent to: NCM, 350 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101
If you would like tickets for the next raffle, please send me an email and we will be happy to get them out to you.  Tickets are available in groups of 25.


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