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August 1, 2013
What's In Your Museum
1989 ZR-12 Falconer
This power-packed Corvette was an experimental vehicle developed to explore the limits of the Corvette's chassis design envelope.
In order to accommodate the massive 600ci, all aluminum engine, the engine compartment was stretched by eight inches, which added less than one hundred pounds to the car's curb weight.

Did You Know......The V-12 engine, a derivative of the Chevrolet small block V-8, is predominately set up for truck and marine applications. Typically an engine of this type would use a 72 degree V-angle, but with the 90 degree angle uneven firing intervals are achieved.

Dry, cast iron cylinder sleeves provide durable bore surfaces and piston displacements ranging from 300 to 641 ci. The fuel and air mixture occurs within a short-runner intake manifold and is distributed with electronically controlled injectors.

This awesome Corvette is on loan to the NCM by General Motors Corporation.

Meet Your Fellow Ambassadors
Janet & Nick Polasek, Ontario (Canada) Ambassadors-at-Large
Nick and I are car nuts. We have a garage full of GM products including his and her Corvettes (1977 & 2006) a Camaro and a 1940 Chevy Hot Rod. Nick came home in 1995 and told me he wanted a Corvette. I was extremely reluctant when we purchased our 1987 ragtop but was the first one out the door when we decided to upgrade to a 1995 convertible. We then decided we needed an older car for cruise nights and purchased our 1977.  Several years ago we upgraded the C5 to our beautiful C6. You will notice an American and Canadian flag on our Corvettes as I was born in the US and Nick in Canada.  We call Canada home.
Now that we are both retired (I worked over 30 years in the airline and hospitality industry....Nick 32 years in law enforcement), we have plenty of time to indulge our hobby. Corvettes are more than cars to us, they are a lifestyle. Nick has a passion for collecting Corvettes of all sizes. Our den is home to numerous Corvette die-casts, our racing lanyards and memorabilia. The garage walls are filled with Corvette posters, as well as, our closet full of Corvette and NCM logo attire.
We have been fortunate enough to make numerous great friends through this passion. During the season (when the snow melts in Canada), we put a lot of miles on all our cars (after all they are meant for driving) visiting the Museum and following the Corvette Racing team throughout the circuit. We've enjoyed helping where needed and spending time in the pits during the races. You haven't lived until you've experienced a pit stop from just inches away or been part of a win. Corvette racing fans are rabid and truly valued.
We enjoy pitching in at the NCM when we attend an event....anything from selling bricks, putting together membership packets, selling raffle tickets or recruiting new members. We also run the Corvette Corral at Mosport for the ALMS race. We were thrilled when the NCM Museum in Motion tour made its stop at Mosport in 2011.
We became NCM Lifetime Members in 2007 and have been making annual road trips to the NCM for years. Nick and I became Ambassadors-at-Large a couple of years ago and were pleased to achieve Master Ambassador status. We enjoy raising monies for charity, the NCM and our communities.
You can contact Janet and Nick at:
What's Coming Up at the NCM
August 15 at 2pm - Raffle of 2013 Grand Sport 60th Anniversary                              Coupe. Tickets are $100, limited to 1,994 tickets.
August 29 - 31 - 19th Annual Corvette Celebration
August 30 - Ambassador Meeting and Luncheon 11:30am
August 31 at 3:30pm - Raffle of Last 2013 60th Anniversary                                                   Coupe. Tickets are $10, unlimited raffle.
September 14 - Brazos River Corvette Club Visit
September 21 - Two Wheel Speed Motorcycle exhibit opens in                                  NCM Exhibit Hall
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This Week In Corvette  History

August 1, 1981 

The last Corvette was built in the St. Louis Assembly Plant

Raffle Tickets

Please be sure to return all ticket stubs (sold and unsold) along with all monies by August 15.
Tickets can be sent to: NCM, 350 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101
If you would like tickets for the next raffle, please send me an email and we will be happy to get them out to you.  Tickets are available in groups of 25.