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August 8, 2013
What's In Your Museum
2005 Manufacturing Validation Build VIN 61
This Corvette started life as a 2005 Corvette with a 4 speed automatic and 400HP LS2 Engine.
In 2005, this precision red coupe was rebuilt into a 2006 6-speed automatic for engineering development purposes and later into a 2008 Corvette 6-speed automatic power train and stability systems to work with the 2008 430HP LS3 engine.
This car features: ride height of .75", fabricated roof rack to hold one spare front tire and two 5-gallon jugs of premium unleaded, Plexiglas stone deflectors for the windshield, and zillion-candle-power auxiliary lights.
Why were these features necessary?  It went through it's jet-setting life at various international raceways, including Nurburgring and endured further abuse during cold weather testing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. That's when a promise was made to give the old girl one last fling....GM's engineers had grown fond of "ole number 61" and if they could manage to get it up and down the Dempster Highway in Alaska intact, they would want it to be displayed at the NCM. The car then began a journey northward and logged 968 miles throughout Alaska. It suffered no flat tires or major damage. The only damage that occurred was a cracked windshield and a broken bulb in the headlight.
Meet Your Fellow Ambassadors
Bill Clements, The Village Vettes         Ambassador
I first fell in love with the Corvette as a small child when a local Chevy dealer called my grandfather and asked him if he would be interested in a new kind of sporty car.  He went and looked and said, "no, no, no". I was in deep depression for about six months. How could a grandfather do this to his grandson?
After the Corvette, my second love was photography. I started out in the news field with several newspapers and also worked for the Associated Press before going into the studio business from which I retired. I did family portraits, wedding, senior and public relations photography for many congressmen, senators, and circuit judges. In the last ten years, my career also included photography for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the Indy 500, the Brickyard 400 and the motorcycle races. I also spent many hours photographing the little league world series from the dugout at Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  For several years I taught photography at a community arts center in Canton, Ohio.
My family consists of two daughters who live in Akron, Ohio and teach in the Akron School District. After many years of putting them through college, I was able to buy my first Corvette, a 1999 convertible which I very much enjoy.
I have lived in the Villages, Florida for the last two years and enjoy the warm weather. I was born in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania and spent much of my life in Williamsport, the home of little league baseball.
In my spare time I also enjoy flying, ham radio, stained glass, traveling, wood working and you guessed it, cars!  Now it is time to slow down and smell the roses!
You can contact Bill at:
What's Coming Up at the NCM
August 15 at 2pm - Raffle of 2013 Grand Sport 60th Anniversary Coupe. Tickets are $100, limited to 1,994 tickets.
August 21 - 25 - Show-Me-Vettes Club Visit
August 29 - 31 - 19th Annual Corvette Celebration
August 30 - Ambassador Meeting and Luncheon 11:30am
August 31 at 3:30pm - Raffle of Last 2013 60th Anniversary Coupe. Tickets are $10, unlimited raffle.
September 14 - Brazos River Corvette Club Visit
September 17 - 18 - Sioux Falls Corvette Club Visit
September 21 - Two Wheel Speed Motorcycle exhibit opens in  NCM Exhibit Hall
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This Week In Automotive  History

August 5, 1914 

The first electric traffic signal is installed in Cleveland, OH

Raffle Tickets

Please be sure to return all ticket stubs (sold and unsold) along with all monies by August 15.
Tickets can be sent to: NCM, 350 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101
If you would like tickets for the next raffle, please send me an email and we will be happy to get them out to you.  Tickets are available in groups of 25.